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Outfit guidance

It's okay - we all need a little help sometimes. 

Whether you take photos every season of the year, or this is your first time, I want to make sure you feel confident in your clothes, but also get the best pictures for your walls or memory books!

No need to go buy fancy outfits for your session. (unless you want to! I love a good excuse to shop)

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to selecting your outfit. 

1. Outfits directly affect the "feel" of the photos.

My editing style is light and bright, but the pictures will only look that way if your outfits are light and bright. 

2. Black is a big no-no unless you want moody or formal photos. 

Usually I let it slide during Christmas sessions, but for regular photos, let's skip it! 

3. I know dark colors are slimming and makes us feel comfortable, BUT we can get light colors to hide all your insecurities the same way by layering. Wear something flowy!

4. Some photographers dislike patterns & prints, but I welcome them! I do however recommend less is more. Mix and match patterns and solids for your family so it's not too busy for the eye. 

5. It's Florida, and it's hot. Especially our summer months. 

If you book a session during this time, keep in mind that the material you wear doesn't show sweat as easy. It's so hard to edit out. Just another reason to stick to light colors because you can't tell there is sweat on a white tshirt the way you can on a blue one. 

* 2 little but important notes*

Ladies (or gents) with long hair. Unlike studio sessions, the wind blows at the beach. If hair that does not stay perfectly in place bothers you, be sure to bring along a hair tie, a hair clip or consider wearing your hair up! 

If you are not used to the Florida sun, PLEASE don't forget to use sunscreen while on vacation if you're trying to get some color before your session. 

Some sunburns are near impossible for me to fix. 


Let me show you one example of how the colors affect the pictures. 

Take note of Dad and toddler in the EXACT same spot, a few seconds apart, edited EXACTLY the same way - yet their picture seems darker than Mom and toddler. 

These outfits look beautiful on them in person. But for photos, they look dark and heavy. Your eyes naturally draw to the darkness and not their beautiful smiles. 

So what should I wear? 

Swipe through these color guides below to get some inspiration. 🡢

Feel free to reach out if you need any more assistance! I look forward to your session. 

xo Jozie

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